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About Us

Magnani 1404 is a historic brand steeped in a unique heritage of skills and expertise. For more than six centuries, we have been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying outstanding products using the age-old cylinder mould machine technique.
This traditional method of papermaking gives our products an unmistakable and distinctive texture that cannot be matched by more modern and less elaborate methods.
Join us to explore the fascinating history of the paper mill and immerse yourself in the craftsmanship behind our remarkable products: you will discover the journey that has shaped our identity, making us a benchmark in the world of papermaking.

Creating superior paper for over 600 years

Magnani 1404 evolved from the skills and expertise of the historic Magnani Paper Mill, one of the oldest in the world, with roots dating back to the 15th century. Its centuries-old tradition lives on, while adapting to the modern world, but firmly maintaining its commitment to the highest quality paper, perpetuating the ancient legacy of the Italian master papermakers.

Today, Magnani 1404 is part of the Fedrigoni Group: a guarantee of sustainability, research and reliability that allows the brand to be recognised worldwide as a leader in its field, while respecting the long manufacturing tradition that has proudly set it apart for over six hundred years.

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