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Printmaking - Traditional printmaking


In art engraving and lithography, the artist's genius is printed onto the paper, creating narratives that are reproduced, copy after copy, accurately and beautifully. The use of a prestigious paper like that of Magnani 1404 brings out every line, resulting in perfection.



A dance of ink and stone

Corona paper is characterised by its rough surface, made with 50% cotton and 50% high alpha cellulose on a mould machine.
It has both internal and a light external sizing that make this paper ideal for all printmaking techniques, especially stone litho and etching.



Acid Free

Magnani 1404 papers are completely acid-free and produced in a neutral environment. This not only provides greater UV resistance, but also promises a long lifespan.

Long Life

Our ISO 9706 compliant papers, which are labelled “LONG LIFE” or permanent, provide a guarantee of the paper’s physical and chemical stability over time. The standard requires a minimum level of alkaline reserve, such as calcium carbonate, to neutralise any acids present. It also sets a maximum limit for easily oxidised substances and must be produced in an acid free environment.

The Cylinder Mould Machine

Magnani 1404 papers are produced exclusively on a cylinder mould machine: this traditional production process mimics the hand-crafting techniques of the master papermakers of days gone by, coming as close as possible to the quality of handmade paper. Production is slower than on the flatbed mill, allowing the fibres to settle evenly, resulting in smooth, even paper.

Cotton 50%

We use only natural fibres from sustainable sources, such as cotton or alpha cellulose. Cotton is a key raw material in our art paper production process: its long fibres provide extraordinary flexibility, strength and absorbency, giving the paper a distinctive quality. Plus, as it is lignin free, cotton naturally makes the paper more resistant to yellowing.


The Range

2 sided deckle edges

  GSM CM INC Sheets Packaging SKU EAN Colour
400 70x100 27.5x39 50 Pacco M8701401 8001348223771 White
400 70x100 27.5x39 10 Blister M8701402 8001348223788 White
400 50x70 20x27.5 100 Pacco M8507401 8001348223795 White
400 50x70 20x27.5 25 Blister M8507402 8001348223801 White
Printmaking - Traditional printmaking
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