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Prestige Correspondence


Its name echoes the interwoven life and art of a legendary civilization with a mysterious and fascinating past. The Etrusca range of envelopes and cards is created on a cylinder mould machine from high-quality cellulose fibres.



A message of distinction

The cards are available in a variety of formats, rectangular or square, as folded or single cards, all displaying the distinctive deckle edges as each of them is torn by hand by our paper masters.

The surface finish is obtained using special ‘Corona’ marking felts, exclusively designed by Magnani.

Available in 2 colours, ivory and white, they are suitable for a wide range of printing, writing and drawing techniques including inkjet, laser, offset, typography, foil stamping, dry offset printing, thermographic printing, screen printing, calligraphy and some light watercolour.



Acid Free

Magnani 1404 papers are completely acid-free and produced in a neutral environment. This not only provides greater UV resistance, but also promises a long lifespan.


The Forest Stewardship Council A.C. (FSC®) shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. The wood pulp labelled with the FSC® logo is certified as respectful of the forest heritage and the people living in the same area.

Long Life

Our ISO 9706 compliant papers, which are labelled “LONG LIFE” or permanent, provide a guarantee of the paper’s physical and chemical stability over time. The standard requires a minimum level of alkaline reserve, such as calcium carbonate, to neutralise any acids present. It also sets a maximum limit for easily oxidised substances and must be produced in an acid free environment.

Oba Free

The acronym “OBA” stands for “Optical Brighteners Agent”, chemical substances used during the production process to make paper look whiter and brighter. We avoid the use of these optical brighteners in Magnani 1404 papers because they can degrade over time, compromising not only their brightness, but also effectively changing the colour of the paper itself.

The Cylinder Mould Machine

Magnani 1404 papers are produced exclusively on a cylinder mould machine: this traditional production process mimics the hand-crafting techniques of the master papermakers of days gone by, coming as close as possible to the quality of handmade paper. Production is slower than on the flatbed mill, allowing the fibres to settle evenly, resulting in smooth, even paper.


The Range

Cards and Envelopes

  GSM CM INC Sheets Pack SKU EAN Colour
260 13x17 5x7 100 5 12M01317 8001348227854 Soft white
260 17x23 7x9 100 5 12M01723 8001348227861 Soft white
260 20x30 8x12 100 5 12M02030 8001348227878 Soft white
260 12x24 4.5x9 100 5 12M01224 8001348227885 Soft white
260 11.5x34 4.5x13 100 5 12M11534 8001348227892 Soft white
260 13x8.5 5x3 100 5 12M08513 8001348227908 Soft white
260 17x11.5 7x4.5 100 5 12M11517 8001348227915 Soft white
260 20x15 8x6 100 5 12M01520 8001348227922 Soft white
260 12x12 4.5x4.5 100 5 12M01212 8001348227939 Soft white
120 9x14 3.5x5.5 100 5 12M00914 8001348227946 Soft white
120 12x18 4.5x7 100 5 12M01218 8001348227953 Soft white
120 16x21.3 6x8 100 5 12M16213 8001348227960 Soft white
120 16.2x22 6x8 100 5 12M16222 8001348227977 Soft white
120 12.7x12.7 5x5 100 5 12M12712 8001348227984 Soft white
260 13x17 5x7 100 5 33M01317 8001348227991 White
260 17x23 7x9 100 5 33M01723 8001348228004 White
260 20x30 8x12 100 5 33M02030 8001348228011 White
260 12x24 4.5x9 100 5 33M01224 8001348228028 White
260 11.5x34 4.5x13 100 5 33M11534 8001348228035 White
260 13x8.5 5x3 100 5 33M08513 8001348228042 White
260 17x11.5 7x4.5 100 5 33M11517 8001348228059 White
260 20x15 8x6 100 5 33M01520 8001348228066 White
260 12x12 4.5x4.5 100 5 33M01212 8001348228073 White
120 9x14 3.5x5.5 100 5 33M00914 8001348228080 White
120 12x18 4.5x7 100 5 33M01218 8001348228097 White
120 16x21.3 6x8 100 5 33M16213 8001348228103 White
120 16.2x22 6x8 100 5 33M16222 8001348228110 White
120 12.7x12.7 5x5 100 5 33M12712 8001348228127 White
Prestige Correspondence
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