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Our values

An authentic, high quality artistic experience

At the heart of the Magnani 1404 brand lie a unique heritage, expertise, experience and a deep-rooted understanding of our product, fully embracing the distinctive values of 'Made in Italy'.

Our commitment translates into a 100% Italian product, made from the finest and most sought-after raw materials, reflecting our dedication to offering the very highest quality. We are more than just a paper manufacturer; we are guardians of a centuries-old tradition, ready to inspire and accompany the artists of today and tomorrow in their creative exploration.


Magnani 1404 is a historic brand that is over 600 years old with its roots in the skills and expertise of master papermakers. By making premium papers inspired by ancient formulations and using a cylinder mould machine, we are able to offer a catalogue of high quality products in keeping with the brand’s tradition.


We manufacture and supply superior quality products using only the finest raw materials including cotton and positioning ourselves at the top end of the market for fine art, art printing, offset printing and luxury correspondence paper.


Papers produced by Magnani 1404 have been chosen by artists including Picasso, De Chirico, Guttuso, Annigoni, Maccari, Bueno, Guarnieri, Morandi and writers like Giuseppe Giusti and many others, reflecting the superior reliability of the production method and the quality of the finished product.


Magnani 1404 brand products are designed and manufactured to survive the test of time, a commitment that is as true today as it was six hundred years ago. Our papers comply with the ISO 9706 standard, a guarantee of lasting quality. Our raw materials are carefully selected and respect strict CSR criteria.


We make our paper with an uncompromising dedication, because we want it to be the perfect backdrop to your amazing ideas. Magnani 1404 premium paper is the result of a fundamental sense of responsibility: we believe that creating high quality paper without compromising in any way is crucial for sustainable production. Our professionals are working hard every day to fine-tune our production processes and make them even more efficient in order to preserve the natural balance of our planet.
Our commitment is in line with the guiding principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to 2030 drawn up by the United Nations, and forms a clear part of the Fedrigoni Group’s broader ESG strategy. We dream of a world where our paper, a tangible expression of our ethical commitment, can inspire a sustainable future and spread the word of the powerful link that exists between creativity and environmental responsibility.

The story of Magnani 1404 began well over six centuries ago, all because of water, a treasured, vital resource as much for our lives as for paper production. The paper mills of old were built next to the rivers that supplied them with both water and energy: today, it is our responsibility to protect this natural resource. That’s why we strive daily to reduce consumption and control waste water discharges. The Fedrigoni Group has the ambitious goal of returning at least 95% of the water drawn back to the environment in excellent condition after purification, and at the same time reducing the quantity of fresh water drawn by 10%, thus helping to safeguard our water resources.

On the topic of raw materials, one must mention cellulose, a fundamental element in the production of Magnani 1404 papers. The Fedrigoni group has sourced exclusively from FSC® certified sources (look for our FSC® certified products C 015523) since 2005 and all Fedrigoni paper mills have FSC Chain of Custody certification. The cellulose we purchase is almost entirely FSC certified and the remainder from FSC controlled wood.

We are aiming to reduce our CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030, in line with the reduction targets set by the 2015 Paris Agreement to keep global warming well below 2 C° by the end of the century. To further the transition to a circular economy, we are also working towards 100% of our products being recyclable with third-party certification.

In 2023, EcoVadis re-evaluated our performance. Once again we attained the Platinum medal. The most significant step forward was to become the Leader in the Carbon category, awarded as a company with the best in class GHG (Greenhouse Gas) management system and strong decarbonization ambition.

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