January 2017

Paperworld 2017

Partecipation to Paperworld 2017


Magnani 1404 partecipated, in january 2017, to Paperworld in Frankfurt where it was shown, besides the standard products in its range, some new proposals that will be added to our offer of products for fine art.
We introduced our double sized watercolour papers (DS watercolour papers), that allows a slower absorbence of the watercolour and therefore increase the available time for working on the colour before it is absorbed and deposit on the paper. Double sized watercolour papers are available, both in sheets and pads and blocks, in our three standard textures (Italia/ Cold Press, Portofino/Hot Pressed, Toscana/Rough).
We also presented an absolute new product,two round blocks, in the three different textures (CP, HP and Rough), with diameter of cm. 16 and cm. 32, to offer a complete new size to inspire the professional artist and the art student.
We also showed a new family of NoteBooks in three different sizes, A3, A4 and A5, with a spiral positioned both on the short side and the long side. Notebooks have 64 sheets of a 20% cotton paper and a microperforation that is realized to have a net yield of the size of the notebook after it is torn. Paper contained in the notebooks is suitable for writing purposes, for sketching and technical drawing.