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Imitatio Vitae Special Edition

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Ancient art is resplendent on Magnani 1404 paper

The book “Imitatio Vitae”, published by Gucci and edited by Marina Cicogna, is an exciting rediscovery of ancient art through Italian Gothic masterpieces. The exquisite collection of works within in its pages, beneath a cover depicting part of the colonnades of the Doge’s Palace in Venice, is the focus of a publishing project that combines a passion for antiquity with contemporary expression. The columns are literally books made of stone that told their stories to those who passed through the arches of the Doge’s Palace. They speak of everyday life in times long gone with scenes of cherubs and lovers, cosmology and astrology, natural forces and crafts.
Through the fascinating lens of artists, photographers, actors and directors including Lina Wertmüller, Valentino and Marina Abramović, the book takes readers on an exciting journey, with tales of animals, warriors, women, zodiac signs and more. The storytelling aspect of the carvings, once considered mere decorative elements, is now revealed in all its aesthetic and narrative power.
Marina Cicogna, a multi-talented woman with a long career as a screenwriter and film producer, shares her admiration for these 14th-century masters, who were able to chronicle their world through stone sculpture. The book is thus a journey through time, capturing the essence of long-gone days and showcasing the intrinsic beauty of the works.
“Imitatio Vitae” not only celebrates Italian art history but also the relationship between past and present, through the partnership between Gucci and the Venetian publishing house Marsilio. The book features photographs from the Cameraphoto Arte archive and is a unique work that blends artistic sensitivity with reflections on beauty. The images stand out on Magnani 1404 Pescia Editions 300 gsm paper, specially created for the production of luxury editions and art books. This special paper boasts exceptional quality and is made using a cylinder mould machine, which gives it a distinctive, prestigious feel.

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